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Necessary Regulation Steps for Wall Analysis and Design

* Defining the soil behavior for the limit state considered in the calculation model used.

* Total or effective stress analysis according to drainage conditions

* Analysis with numerical model.

* Analysis with static-equivalent earthquake loading in temporary excavations exceeding 15m

* Calculation of minimum socket length

* Definition of construction stages

* Wall lateral displacement control at all construction stages

* Control of the amount of rotation in existing structures behind walls at all construction stages

* Determination of anchor free length according to potential slip surface

* Calculation of anchor bearing capacity in cohesive or non-cohesive soils

* Ground/injection body interface peeling failure control in anchors for all construction phases

* Tensile failure control of anchors/soil nails for all construction phases

* Rope/injection body interface shear failure control for all construction phases 

* Anchor internal stability control at all construction stages

* Wall reinforced concrete or steel structural section design

* Structural section design in steel pipe supports

* Wall total collapse control

* Verification of sections with displacement measurements during application

* Verification of sections with anchor test results

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