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Total collapse analysis in shoring
Settlement analysis of foundations

Fully Compliant with the "Excavation Support Structures Design and Application Principles" Regulation

Practical Solutions in Geotechnical Engineering

Define soil properties create, analyze, design, draw and report geotechnical structure

Superficial and Deep Foundations

Settlement and bearing capacity analysis, drawings and quantity surveys of shallow, pile, micropile, deep mixing column, jet injection column and stone column foundations

Modeling, analysis, design, drawings and quantity surveying of bored piles, anchors, soil nails and reinforced concrete shear walls.

Limit equilibrium analysis of slopes and slopes

shoring view
shoring section
landslide remediation
pile shoring section


  • Prevent design errors by modeling your multi-aspect shoring system, deep-superficial or soil-improved building foundations, and slope analyzes in 3 dimensions in the same environment.

  • Explain your project better with your 3D model in presentations.

  • Reduce your project drawings and quantity surveys, which can take days, to hours.

  • Do not risk your projects in terms of implementation costs and security with simple calculations. Make calculations in accordance with the regulations in line with the principles of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering with the powerful analysis infrastructure of our software.

  • Shorten revision times in analysis, drawings and quantity surveys by making changes to the 3D model in your project renovations.

  • Provide clear, detailed and visual analysis reports to administrations.

  • Feel the strong technical support of the Setaf team always by your side.

  • Use it at a more affordable price compared to equivalent programs where you can get similar results in analysis but do not provide many support such as drawing, quantity surveying, 3D model.


Our team, which sets out to provide analysis, reporting, drawing and quantity surveying support in the field of geotechnical engineering, develops practical solutions for engineers by shortening project durations. 

Circular section foundations
Deep circular section foundations
Steel pipe supported shoring

As a leading provider of cutting-edge technologies and cutting-edge services, SETAF2018 offers scalable solutions to any company, large or small. Join our rapidly growing customer portfolio! Contact now for more information.

iksa uygulaması
shoring displacements
Deep mixing calculations


Advanced Solutions

As a company, we offer comprehensive technological solutions that will enable leading companies and individuals in the industry to be even more successful. Our software has various features to realize your geotechnical projects. As SETAF2018, we continue to constantly improve our technology in order to encourage our users to do better. Keep following us to be informed about innovations and changes. Contact us now for free promotion.

We analyze building foundations and retaining walls of different geometries with the numerical solutions we have developed.

 We provide analysis, reporting and drawing opportunities for engineers developing geotechnical projects.  

We offer rapid modeling, drawing, quantity surveying and surveying opportunities for application companies.


Deep foundation bearing capacity
landslide calculations
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