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A Leading Software Startup

We are a group of young and talented entrepreneurs and engineers who produce groundbreaking ideas to build a better future. We are proud of the smart solutions and unique services we offer to companies regardless of their size. As SETAF, we believe that the right understanding and technology advantage will lead companies to a successful future. Contact us to speak with our sales representatives.

 SETAF2018 is a geotechnical engineering software. Its price is very affordable compared to other software that performs similar analyses. In addition to settlement and bearing capacity analyzes of building foundations, it records drilling and test results from the field and laboratory and presents them as detailed tables, graphs and reports. More than one material, soil profile, SPT profile, MPM profile, shallow and deep foundation can be defined in the program. Interactive settlement analyzes of all defined building foundations are performed. Three-dimensional modeling, analysis, project drawings of retaining walls with bored piles, reinforced concrete shear walls, anchors and soil nails  and the measurements are carried out in a short time. SETAF2018 is compatible with the Turkish Earthquake Regulation that came into force in 2019.
SETAF2018 continues to be developed. 

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